We Love The Bean Coffee Shop!

//We Love The Bean Coffee Shop!

We Love The Bean Coffee Shop!

The distinctive and wonderful aroma of coffee and sweet smell of cinnamon fills my senses as I park the car to pick up FetchMe’s order at The Bean Coffee Shop. The aroma guides my taste buds to the counter as I fetch our customer’s order. My first question is what makes the Bean Coffee Shop so special. Since I have a soft spot for sweets, I naturally think it’s the family recipes from Sydney’s grandmother which give us the best cinnamon rolls in town! However, as I walk to the counter and fall in love with wonderful coffee aroma, I think it must be the coffee and their impressive selection of coffee flavors. My mind begins to wonder what flavor my customer is ordering today. I know The Bean has one of the widest selections of coffee flavors in Auburn. Could it be the vanilla or the hazelnut or perhaps it’s the peppermint? As I look back down at the order on the FetchMe Food Delivery App, I realized we love the Bean for both its coffee and baked goods!

Today, I am in luck! The FetchMe App notes the customer is looking for a cinnamon roll! Next thing that comes to mind—these are literally the best thing you will ever eat! I ask Sydney, one of the owners of the Bean, “what is the secret or story behind your desserts?” Sydney explains some of the recipes came from her grandmother who owned small cafes across Alabama from the 1940s to the 50s. In addition to the traditional dinner menu, Sydney’s grandma, Edna, would make homemade cakes and pies for their customers. It’s easy to see that Sydney love for baking for others came from her grandmother.

The Bean honors Sydney’s grandmother everyday by serving her delicious desserts from old family recipes and from her time hosting large church parties through the years. Sydney shares the recipes will always be kept a secret at the Bean no matter how much a customer may ask, however, I know the secret recipe is her love for her grandma which gets mixed in with every dessert at the Bean.

As I wait for my order, I naturally forget about the hustle of the day and begin to take in the family atmosphere as I wait. The menu includes a great of selection of muffins, chocolate peanut butter pie, teas and hot chocolate. If you are looking for what is popular with FetchMe’s customers, their Mocha or their Specialty Lattes are yummy and simply amazing to try. My favorite at the Bean are their loose leaf tea’s, all fair trade, and I can enjoy them either hot or iced!

The folks at the Bean Coffee Shop are so nice and attentive to getting the order right that is easy for FetchMe to ensure the order has the right quality before I leave. Three minutes later I have my order, confirmed everything is correct and then identify the best directions to get the order to our customer.

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Come try their delicious cinnamon rolls today at FetchMeDelivery.Com

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