Office Engagement Ideas

//Office Engagement Ideas

Office Engagement Ideas

2018 has been quite a year so far for FetchMe! FetchMe started the year with only 8 employees and we now have more than 25. Without our employees, FetchMe couldn’t have grown so much as they have been a huge part of our success and support in Auburn. Our employees are extremely important to us and we’ve been learning that what is just as important is our employee engagement.



Everybody knows about the value received from engaging employees, however, not everyone executes employee engagement well even though employee engagement is clearly a differentiator between companies. Employee engagement requires time, attention and a caring environment, something not everyone is willing to give. 


At FetchMe, we realize the importance of employee engagement in and out of the office. 

Our team at FetchMe feels that every once in a while, it’s healthy for the team to break bread together, share a fruit tray, or even have a cupcake in between meals! Getting to know the FetchMe employees is critical for our business’ success, even in the food delivery service industry.



FetchMe’s employee engagement strategies can also work for FetchMe customers who work at local businesses or Auburn University. If you’re trying to increase employee engagement within your business too, here are few thoughts on how to get started:





First, make birthdays fun!  Your goal is to relax while celebrating your colleague and friend. Make birthday celebrations a diversion to the day, and the office will look forward to them.






If your team or company budget doesn’t cover employee birthdays, ask everyone to chip in. Make it voluntary as some people may not be able to contribute. If you’re on a larger team, consider holding monthly group celebrations instead of individual ones.







But wait! Don’t forget to deliver some food!










Find out what your colleagues love to eat. Try cupcakes from Gigi’s or even ice cream bars from the Kroger in Auburn. If you plan to do this and someone in your group has dietary restrictions, take note and prepare accordingly. FetchMe has a diverse platform that accommodates every dietary restriction.  









Potluck lunches are also a great idea, especially for tighter budgets. Suggest a lunch theme like Asian, Mexican or Italian and use the FetchMe website to search for cuisines. Lunch is a great time to engage in conversations, so be sure to engage all of your coworkers and managers.




If you want celebrate at the office, it doesn’t have to be boring with FetchMe.  With some extra effort, our Fetchers can help you make your office meeting or event fun and memorable without breaking the bank.

Please let us know in the comments below how you celebrate at the office.

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