FetchMe Partner Spotlight: Jack’s

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FetchMe Partner Spotlight: Jack’s

Ever Wonder What Brought Fast Food to Alabama?


After watching the newly franchised McDonalds blossom in 1960, Jack Caddell realized Alabama could use its own fast food restaurant. Caddell immediately began researching the operations of the new food chain, then by namesake founded Jack’s in Homewood, Alabama, on November 21 of that year. From there, Jack’s would soon change the restaurant game in Alabama forever.


The first Jack's in Homewood, Alabama, 1960.The first Jack’s in Homewood, Alabama, 1960.


Jack’s quickly became popular in Homewood by serving 10-cent Coca-Colas with 15-cent hamburgers and fries through Alabama’s first drive-in restaurant location. With the combination of their low prices and drive-in location, Jack’s became one of Alabama’s first fast food restaurants. Sixty years later, Jack’s now has 152 locations, two of which are right here at home in Auburn and Opelika!


Jack's - Great Service, Great Food, and Great People

Great Service, Great Food, and Great People


At FetchMe, we’re proud to partner with our local Jack’s as they embody the same values as the first stores did in the 60s. Built on the foundation of great service, great food, and great people, FetchMe customers love Jack’s too!


Jack's stands by its core values with hand-made recipes to nourish the community and their families.


The menu at Jack’s is full of southern comfort food that is perfect to start your day with! For breakfast, they serve many popular southern dishes. Opening at 5 a.m., they begin serving some of our customer’s favorites, like their famous gravy biscuits and grits!





Jack’s doesn’t disappoint at lunch either! With their made from scratch home-style fried chicken, big Jack burgers, fries and hand-dipped shakes, you can’t complain! And guess what.. they’re also affordable! Starting at $1.50 for a regular hamburger and $4.99 double Jack burger with cheese, there’s no breaking the bank for Jack’s southern treats!




FetchMe Friday

This Friday, you won’t have to break the bank to have Jack’s delivered to your office or home either! FetchMe Delivery will be offering free delivery fees on all orders from Jack’s to celebrate FetchMe Friday! On May 18th, you can order Jack’s with no delivery fee!

Order Jack's with FetchMe this Friday and get a free delivery fee!

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