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FetchMe Delivery – The Journey of Harrison Evola

“I saw the benefits of working hard at doing what I’m passionate about”, Auburn University alum Harrison Evola recounts how he built the local delivery service, FetchMe, from the ground up as a college student. Harrison described his entrepreneurial drive stemming from his first job at 16 being a delivery driver for Papa Johns, gaining first hand experience with all aspects of the delivery industry.

He specifically saw the opportunity for needing certain items, like not having milk for his morning cereal, and not having access to a car, a problem common among college students in the area. 

Graduating with a Bachelors of Science and Business Administration degree, Evola explained that he took “the leap” his junior year at Auburn University as he started building the framework of this delivery service and accredits multiple classes he took that helped guide his path to entrepreneurship. By 2017, with the help of his fraternity brothers and friends with experience, FetchMe hit the ground running with their first official delivery.

“What makes us different from other delivery services is that we don’t just have the option to get restaurant food to go for customers, we also provide grocery shopping, custom items, and really any task that requires a vehicle” Evola said. In addition to the multiple services, FetchMe even offers a variety of discounts such as FetchMe Fridays, which waives the delivery fees for certain restaurants around the Auburn/Opelika area. Currently, FetchMe is working to expand their local restaurant clientele and food menu and offer more incentives with each restaurant, Evola adding “for example, we’re working on marketing Pho Lee, a popular asian restaurant in the area”. Evola also emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses including Auburn and Opelika restaurants in the area, highlighting the sense of community local business owners share and value.

Harrison awards the Fetcher of the Month for his excellent service
Harrison awards the “Fetcher of the Month” for excellent service

With over 1,000 five star ratings, Evola illustrates the importance of hard work and excellence for both his customers and his employees. “One thing that separates us from other food delivery services is that people like our drivers” Evola explained. With the global pandemic altering how consumers eat at restaurants, delivery services like FetchMe are more important than ever. In addition to supporting the local community ties contactless delivery options, FetchMe now offers takeout orders to be placed on their app as well, a huge opportunity for Auburn customers and local restaurants alike. While completing your order, FetchMe has multiple options to adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines to insure customers full protection and safety. Additionally, FetchMe allows customers to track their orders step by step, and communicate with their drivers at all times.

Download FetchMe for iPhone and Android.

When asked on what’s next, Harrison stated “We’re putting our focus on expanding the company to more businesses around the area, and perfecting our delivery service style”. Evola encourages everyone to check back on the FetchMe app and or visit their website to see new updates and upcoming discount codes for restaurants around the area.

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