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Discovering the Driver Behind the Delivery

Why FetchMe?

AUBURN, ALABAMA – In her first one-on-one interview, Halli Koon discusses the dedication behind every delivery within her job as a food delivery driver for FetchMe Delivery. This service is locally owned and founded by Auburn Alumnus Harrison Evola

During COVID-19 Halli took this position to help those who felt unsafe leaving their own home. “Some people are afraid to go out of their own houses, how are they supposed to eat during the day?” With FetchMe Delivery, every restaurant can be a restaurant near you.

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“With FetchMe, you can place an order and I’ll have it to you in under 30 minutes.” Which Halli says is good for a last-minute meal. Especially for those who are afraid of contracting COVID. Restaurants switched to to go orders only during the beginning of COVID. With FetchMe, every restaurant can be an online restaurant, delivered to your home. The FetchMe site has an abundance of online menus for you to choose from in Auburn or Opelika.

While working for the company she has received notary for her passion. “For the month of October I received fetcher of the month after having the highest on time percentage!” Along with her efficiency, her passion for the job also helped her receive this award. Going beyond her efficiency for customers, Halli helps out her co-workers by picking up additional shifts.

This business was founded in 2017 and since then have delivered over 84,000 meals. “COVID was not even thought of when founded. The delivery service has filled an important role of ensuring the well-being of Auburn’s residents.” Which this also lines up with FetchMe Delivery’s motto, “Bringing ease to your everyday needs.” A motto that drew Halli into her position as a delivery driver. 

Walk Through of a Typical Order

Typical orders begin with a notification saying she has an order to pick up. She receives and accepts to go orders on her app then heads to the restaurant, either in Auburn or Opelika, to retrieve the food. Halli then goes to the restaurant location and orders the food for her customer. Once arriving at the restaurant she will mark arrive in the app to update customers on the status of their order. After ordering she ensures the order is correct before departing. All the while, updating the customer on the status of their order. Once everything has been checked and corrected, she marks enroute in her app. Finally, she delivers it to their doorstep. All the while, updating the customer on the status of their order.

Typically, most of her orders come from partner restaurants, like Agave Loco,  Beyond the Wok, Charlie’s Family Kitchen, Chick-fil-a, Dunkin Doughnuts, and Pho Lee to name a few. When this is the case Halli does not have to go in and pay with the company card. If she fetches an order from a non-partner restaurant she will go in, place the order, pay with a company card, then upload the receipt.

After she has arrived at the customers home, she places it at the front door and backs up to ensure social distancing. Her final step is to mark delivered in her app and she’s ready for the next order!

Beyond the Delivery

female fetchme driver wears mask for delivery orders
Hallie Koon dawns her FetchMe mask as she delivers her orders

“My favorite part of the job is it’s super laid back. Yes, you have to be very detailed when checking orders and looking for houses, but for the most part I love being in my car and delivering food.”

“It is so much more than a delivery service, it’s a passionate company that is doing everything they can to benefit their customers and help out during this difficult time.” 

Whether you are in the mood for Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or American food, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Halli alongside every other FetchMe driver can make it happen!

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