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Agave Loco – From Humble Beginnings to Business Owner in Auburn, AL

Jorge and Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn
Jorge and  Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn

If there’s anything the people from the United States enjoy, it’s Mexican food and the “TexMex” fusion born from it.  With the wide selection of these eateries available on the Plains, how does someone pick their favorite Hispanic flair? Enter Agave Loco Mexican Grill, an institution aiming to serve up authentic Mexican cuisine, stellar margaritas, and incredibly friendly hospitality. They have established themselves as one of the top Auburn Mexican restaurants.

Owner Jorge Escalera gives FetchMe the whole story. He has built a venue that feels so authentic, it’s almost as if it was all straight from Mexico, because it is! Jorge has filled his establishment with beautiful furniture and intricate decorations from his home country. Stepping through his doors is like walking right across the border as vibrant colors, stained wood, and quaint music.

The Story of Jorge:

Jorge, having immigrated and working by age 16, began his experience in the restaurant industry by washing dishes. After that, he moved up to line cook and started making plans on how to go even further. He noticed that many Mexican restaurants could usually be traced back to the same few owners, and wanted something different.

Eventually, Jorge moved on to open Agave Loco Mexican Grill in Auburn, AL, and has since been spreading joy through good food, good attitude, and good service. Jorge isn’t alone in this endeavor,  Jorge’s father, brother, and wife, are also involved. He aims to keep his children from getting involved to instead focus on other things like school. This familial attitude permeates throughout Agave Loco, its employees, and its patrons.  Escalera makes every attempt to ensure his staff is hospitable, hard-working, and dedicated while on the job.

Restaurant Favorites and Menu Secrets:

With Agave Loco, Jorge wants to bring a new experience to the people of Auburn, Alabama. He prides himself on the food he provides for his customers, claiming that the mix of spices he uses is his secret to the menu’s success. His preferred dishes for the Agave menu include:

Tres Amigos ~ Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp with Rice, Beans, and Guacamole Salad

Texas Rice ~ Three meats served on Cheesy Rice

And lastly, Senor Sampler ~ Chicken Flauta and Quesadilla, Beef Nachos, a “Minichanga”, and a side of Cheese Dip

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Agave Loco is known for their popular drink specials

Of all the mexican restaurants in Auburn, those looking for a good deal need look no further than the Agave Loco Mexican Grill, as they have an extensive special menu of both meals and drinks to satisfy any craving. Their Happy Hour is offered 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Monday – Thursday and includes $5 chicken/beef nachos, $4 23oz domestic beer, $6 22oz lime margaritas, $7 quesadilla samplers, $4 cheese dip con carne, and much more! With the inclusion of a kids’ menu and the senior sampler, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, When asked about what creates new customers and what helps the business to thrive, Escalera expressed his appreciation for local online reviewers and the ratings they leave. He went on to discuss how he regularly encounters customers of his that say they decided to give his restaurant a try after seeing all of the raving reviews online from other very satisfied patrons, saying that these customers often turn into new regulars after experiencing it for themselves. He believes the best type of advertising are the relationships that the customers form with the restaurant spread throughout.

Closing Remarks:

In conclusion, all of this comes together to help Jorge realize his goals for his restaurant: No Franchising, Continue building the brand, and reinforce the authenticity that he enjoys serving up every day.

When asked on advice for aspiring restaurants, Jorge highlighted the importance of curating an idea and giving the customers what they want. “Come see for yourself the product of hard work, good food, and hospitality in one nice, good-looking package.”

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