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Fratelli’s – Auburn’s Authentic & Delicious Italian Cuisine

Al Sanna leads his staff both behind the bar and back in the kitchen nearly every day

Of the few Italian restaurants in the Auburn area, only one is truly authentic and delivers the spirit of Italy to the plains. Fratelli’s Ristorante Italiano, which has been previously awarded the title of “Best Italian Food in Auburn” by Thrillist. Owned by Al Sanna, Fratelli’s came to fruition after he moved to the United States from Italy eight years ago. Having been in the restaurant business since age 16, he brought his experience in traditional Italian culinary to Auburn to share with everyone. Known for delicious food, hospitality, and good atmosphere, this classic Italian identity resonates well throughout the restaurant, from the fresh ingredients to the astounding friendliness that one would expect from family. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they took a trip to Italy without having to leave the city?

From One Country to Another:

Everything is local in Italy, cooking ingredients are grown and sourced from nearby farms so it’s as fresh as possible. Fratelli’s captures this by importing fresh ingredients from Italy to use in their dishes and let their authentic taste shine. Not only that, they strictly follow traditional Italian cooking methods, just as Mr. Sanna learned in his youth. All of this is essential in emphasizing Fratelli’s spot in Auburn as one of the best Italian cuisine spots.

When asked about his preferred dish, Al responded enthusiastically that his favorite is the Chicken Parm. Fratelli’s star dishes are the Fresh Seafood Plate, their fresh homemade pasta, and their amazing homemade bread that Mr. Sanna prides himself on. He also highlighted their deal of a free garlic roll with a $30 purchase (Monday – Thursday). Serving everything from chicken, seafood, and pasta dishes to delicious desserts like cheesecake and tiramisu that go well with their great list of wines and cocktails, making it a lovely restaurant for all ages and families. Click Here! to view the Fratelli’s menu and see all the restaurant has to offer from FetchMe.

Fratelli’s Fights Back against COVID

Fratelli's shrimp plate
Shrimp plates and more from Fratelli’s!

Recently, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Al added a Family Style menu option that provides families multiple meals for their whole family. Fratelli’s was the first restaurant to react in response to the coronavirus, and everyone else decided to follow. Customers are the Fratelli’s family, and Al is making sure they have options to take care of their own families. This family-oriented business model extends further into the hospitality that he and his employees practice every day. This leads to the atmosphere of his restaurant to feel very home-like and welcoming.

When asked about expansion, the Fratelli’s owner was against franchising, but continued that he was exploring expansion into Columbus with an additional location, also family-owned. Given the current travel restrictions he aims to bring the feel of being in Italy to the customer without them having to go anywhere.

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  1. I love this restaurant. My grandparents came from Italy. When I go to Fratell’s it takes me back to years ago.

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