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Savanh Thai Kitchen: A Taste of Heaven

By: David Killian

Humble Beginnings

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many people; and those who do get started in the restaurant business know the imminent struggles brought about by opening a restaurant.

 Savanh Thai Kitchen inside the restaurant
Savanh Thai is family owned and operated!

For some people, the journey from dream to reality is longer, and more dangerous than others. The Malavong family started their journey in Laos during the Vietcong era. Hoping for a better life, they fled to Thailand where they were then taken to the United States with only the clothes on their backs. They quickly inserted themselves into the community and worked vigorously to get to where they are now. And two years ago, they opened the doors to their first restaurant, Savanh Thai Kitchen.

For maximum accommodation, Savanh Thai tries to offer a large menu including both Thai and Laos cuisine. The menu offers vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options; almost every item in each dish can be substituted upon request.

Phounsavan Malavong, one of the owners, says that even with Covid-19 their customer base is ever-expanding. She says that the food speaks for itself and that many of the customers quickly become regulars. Savanh Thai is recording outstanding sales this year, which is a direct reflection of their loyal customer base. Malay tells FetchMe that people from all over the South come to try their cuisine, and many of them say that it is the best authentic Thai food in town.

Why Savanh Thai?

Savanh Thai Kitchen
Phounsavan Malavong, Founder of Savanh Thai

Great food served by even better customer service keeps hungry townsfolk populating the establishment. When you go to Savanh Thai, you are treated like part of their family. The owners love feedback from their customers, both positive and negative because they always want to improve their restaurant. They strive for perfection because they want to see everyone who enters their restaurant to leave just as happy as they are to cook and serve their delicious food.

As of right now, Savanh Thai does not regularly use social media to advertise. Most of their business growth is due to word of mouth. The fact that business is booming when their best form of advertising is positive spoken reviews can be seen as a clear sign of just how good Savanh Thai truly is. They believe themselves to be a hidden gem of sorts, and this hidden gem is being quickly discovered by more and more people.

Moreover, Savanh Thai prides itself on its cleanliness as well. Throughout COVID-19, they have followed proper COVID-19 protocols. Each table is socially distanced and sanitized after every meal. The bathrooms are regularly deep cleaned as well as the kitchen. The kitchen is kept near spotless as they have professional cleaners come and sanitize it. I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the restaurant as a whole.

A popular feature of Savanh Thai Kitchen is their bottle service. Their bar serves several different wines along with a variety of beer including some types of Thai beer. For ambiance, Savanh Thai offers both indoor and outdoor seating which is perfect for any occasion. There are plans to include live music in the secluded outdoor seating area. In addition, a children’s menu is also offered for their younger guests.

More About The Restaurant

After the interview, I had a chance to eat at this restaurant and the fanfare was not exaggerated. Ordering their most popular dish, the Thai beef jerky, I was not the least bit disappointed and was left very satisfied. Up next, the Thai tea served at the restaurant is also delicious. While waiting for my food I had another opportunity to chat with one of the owners, and once again they were very friendly. The “customers are family” mentality held by the staff definitely shows. Talking to the Savanh Thai Kitchen staff feels like chatting with a long time friend.

Scrumptious and aesthetically pleasing meals like this can be found and Savanh Thai any day!

Also, while talking to the owners, I learned from them that Savanh translates to “Heaven” in Thai; which is exactly what you get while eating there. Savanh Thai Kitchen’s motto is: “Eat Healthy, Live Free”. The owners live by that motto, as they provide a friendly, healthy, family eating experience to each and every customer. When eating their cuisine, either in the restaurant or in your own home, you will truly get a taste of heaven.

Savanh Thai Kitchen is located at 1750 Opelika Road, Auburn, Alabama. If you plan to eat at Savanh Thai Kitchen in Auburn, they open their doors at 11am and serve lunch until 3pm. After 3pm they close until 5pm when dinner is served until 9pm. Savanh Thai’s weekly specials can be seen highlighted on the chalkboard outside the restaurant. No matter if it is lunchtime or dinnertime, you can always find a dish to satisfy your cravings.

Closing with a Satisfied Stomach:

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