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Not Just a Ming House, a Ming Home!

AUBURN, AL – Ming House is one of Auburn’s first Chinese restaurant, no wonder it feels like home to its customers. In fact, beginning in 2012, Ming House’s top priority has always belonged to its customers. Now with FetchMe Delivery, you can bring the Ming home!

Within the Walls

Meals offering your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or seafood made to order! Ming House can specialize orders to meet dietary needs and restrictions. Uniquely, one of Ming House’s cornerstone is their customer relations and the community built within its walls. Even though most Chinese delivery orders are placed online now and the relational aspect is different, FetchMe Delivery brings the Ming home. By expanding the availability of their hibachi cuisine, relationships reach the home. By providing fast and timely services, Ming House continues to pride themselves on their customer relations. During an interview with worker Rachel Weng, she tells a story that not every Chinese restaurant can share.

“I like it when there are a lot of old customers coming back, after two or three times I know their order. Over the years you have more customers come in and you build a relationship, a sense of community. There was one customer who met her husband here! I love when they come back to have meals where their relationship started.”

Rachel Weng
Ming House Store-Front
Ming House is located right off South College!

This local Auburn Chinese and sushi hotspot prides themselves on the relationships built with customers. Not only do the employees form relationships with customers, other customers build relationships amongst each other as well. Nothing brings people together like good food and similar tastes. Some customers have been going bi-weekly since their opening in 2012. Reviews of Ming House consist of similar responses; excellent food, prices, and service. The majority of customers claim they eat Ming House often, and if not they are about to start. Few customers exclusively eat Chinese food from Ming House. Rachel Weng also says that much of their business is spread by word of mouth. This continues to hold Ming House responsible to provide excellent service and eats every time. A nice meal that won’t break your wallet!

Why is it Home?

Above all, the community is what drew this family owned business into town. With a perfect location near Auburn University’s campus, the college town charm sealed the deal. In 2012 there was less competition for the international food industry. They were the first Chinese Restaurant in Auburn, AL with an all inclusive menu and atmosphere. Even though there is still no competition because of the customer base. Members of the Auburn-Opelika community have consistently chosen Ming House for its Chinese dine-in, and to-go. In spite of this, FetchMe Delivery has helped Ming House keep their customers fed by having their Chinese food delivered. Customers recognize how special their food is, and they know their Ming House menu has reasonably priced meals.

Authentic Japanese combination dinner from Ming House
Authentic Japanese combination dinner from Ming House

Ming House also takes pride in their lowered prices and faster production times. While their sushi, hibachi, and sesame chicken are all top sellers at a price that’s unbeatable. Their menu features chicken, beef, pork, or seafood. Now, when anyone orders, they are especially excited for future plans of reopening their dine-in seating. Previously, customers have consistently commented on the welcoming and homey atmosphere the restaurant provides.

During a Pandemic

After the COVID outbreak, restaurants everywhere suffered. As a restaurant that prides themselves on their customer service, they had to turn to delivery and to go orders. When asked about COVID and its hardships, owner Mrs. Ming, answers with a sense of service.

“Without dine in, we lost a lot of dine in customers. That’s why take out and delivery numbers are growing.”

Mrs. Ming

Beyond the Walls

Although COVID has put a stop to creating a home-like atmosphere within their restaurant, FetchMe Delivery has helped to bring the Ming Home. They continues to serve customers one delivery, takeout, or to go order at a time. By partnering with FetchMe Delivery, community outreach has gone beyond the walls of their restaurant. Members of the Auburn-Opelika area are encouraged to shop local because the deal includes much more than good prices. Not to mention the $3 off coupon your next FetchMe Delivery with Ming House.

Ming House has been a constant in Auburn. For the last 12 years Ming House has provided quality service and meals. Even in the midst of a pandemic, they have kept their doors open for customers and deliveries alike. FetchMe Delivery has played an important role in helping bridge the gap between Ming House and its customers. In other words, they brought the Ming home. Join the Ming family one bite at a time. Use code MING03 at checkout to save $3 on your next order!

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