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Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers – An Auburn Legacy


Steven and Gina Ferrell in front of Jim Bob’s

Steven Ferrell has been in the restaurant business his entire life. As he grew up in the industry, he quickly made cooking his passion. Steven told FetchMe, “Some folks are raised to become scholars, but I feel like I was raised to serve good food”. His dream finally came true in 2002, when he took over as head of Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers in Auburn. Ever since then, business has been booming and a legacy has been continued. Ferrell runs the restaurant with his wife, Gina, and daughters as he seeks to pass down his love of cooking.

Before being owners, both Steven and Gina worked at the restaurant; which is where they first met. Both Steven and Gina grew up in the Auburn/Opelika area and have a deep love and understanding for their community. With Steven’s love of cooking, and Gina’s heart for business, they were destined to be the next successors. Now, 19 years later, Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers is a staple of Auburn and Opelika. Being family owned and having close ties with the community around them, business is still booming.

About Jim Bob’s

Inside of Jim Bob's Chicken Fingers. Picture shows tables and the front of the restaurant. Tables are clean and socially distanced.
Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers offers a clean and friendly eating environment for everyone!

Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers is a family owned and operated business. They serve a variety of food from chicken fingers, to wings, to burgers, and even catfish. Though the restaurant has a large menu, Steven tells FetchMe, “If you ask people around town what Jim Bob’s is all about, they’re going to tell you its the wings”. Wings are a big part of what makes the restaurant what it is. The restaurant is proud of all of the dishes it prepares and serves, but one dish Steven chose to highlight during the interview was their catfish. They vetted countless growers in the South East and fiddled with other countless recipes to get it right. Jim Bob’s is very proud of their efforts to make this dish right.

Throughout COVID-19, the restaurant has made a conscious effort to follow proper protocols. Each table is socially distanced, and are sanitized after every meal. Customers and employees are required to wear masks while in the restaurant, and employees regularly wash their hands. The kitchen is also regularly cleaned and cooking areas are always sanitary. Offering a safe and clean eating environment is very important to everyone involved.

Why Jim Bob’s?

Picture of buffalo wings served by Jim Bob's Chicken Fingers. Served on a black plate with celery and dipping sauce.
Delicious dishes like these can be found at Jim Bob’s!

Family owned, they pride themselves on great service and even better food. They treat each customer like family, which means that the restaurant should always feel like home. The restaurant always strives to keep the customers happy, and this has helped them to retain an ever-growing and loyal customer base. Even during COVID-19, their sales are steadily rising as a direct reflection to the hard work and effort they put into the restaurant. They love the Auburn and Opelika community and strive to serve their community the best they can; serving delicious food.

Having been a part of the community for countless years, they have engraved themselves as a staple of the area. Jim Bob’s offers a vast and delicious menu catered to each and every customer who walks through the restaurant doors. Along with great food, they offer a clean, friendly, and inviting eating environment . The entire staff believes that great food, great prices, and caring staff are all keys to customer satisfaction.

How and Where to Order

Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers is located at 2070 Frederick Rd, Opelika, AL. The restaurant hours range from 9am to 9pm Monday through Saturday. They are open for dine-in, carry-out, drive-through, and delivery. This location offers both daily and weekly specials that can be found on their website and also in the restaurant. Whether it is Monday or Saturday, Jim Bob’s has a deal for every day.

As a proud partner of FetchMe, you can order anything on their menu and have it delivered right to your door. All you have to do is go to Jim Bob’s page on the FetchMe app or website. Be sure to check for weekly deals through the FetchMe app for Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers and more.

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