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FetchMe’s Top Five Japanese Restaurants

By: Elisa Berry

In my twenty years of life, I have never met a person that doesn’t like Japanese food. It’s a cuisine with such a wide array of dishes that even the pickiest eater can find something that they enjoy. It is always my go to suggestion when I’m out with friends. Because of its popularity, there are many Japanese restaurants in Auburn-Opelika area, thus making it difficult to choose the perfect place to eat. Today, I will be naming the Top Five Japanese Restaurants in the Auburn-Opelika area. The next time you are looking for a place to eat Japanese cuisine, hopefully this can aid you in your search.

5. Fuji Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine

Less than five minutes from Auburn’s campus, Fuji Sushi Bar is a great place for families and college students to eat authentic Japanese cuisine. Fuji prides themselves on having “affordable and great quality Japanese cuisine.” They serve over 35 different types of sushi rolls and offers a variety of sashimi combination dishes, as well as teriyaki. One of their signature dishes is Beef Tatiki, which is New York Strip, served rare, with ponzu sauce and cucumber slices. They also serve Tuna Tatiki and Albacore Volcano, which is tuna sashimi with baby greens. To top it all off, Fuji also offers a full bar!

4. Mikata Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

If you are looking for a true Hibachi experience and would like to avoid downtown Auburn’s traffic, Mikata Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is the place for you! Located on 323 Airport Road, Mikata is less than five minutes away from Auburn’s campus, yet far enough away from Auburn’s traffic. Mikata prides themselves on being not just your average Japanese restaurant. Their slogan “Mikata means fun” exemplifies this.

Mikata’s menu is guaranteed to include all of your favorite Hibachi dishes with your choice of surf, turf, or both. Each table contains a Teppanyaki Grill so one of their experienced chefs can prepare your meal right in front of you. Additionally, all of their dinner dishes include salad, steamed rice, vegetables, an even dessert. If you are more of a sushi person, no need to worry! Mikata has an impressive sushi menu complete with small rolls (6 pieces) and classic rolls (8 pieces).

3. Arigato Sushi Boutique

If you are an Auburn student, you are bound to know Arigato Sushi Boutique. It’s located in downtown Auburn on South College St. and is in within walking distance from campus and many of the new apartment constructions. Arigato is a favorite of college students because of their frequent drink specials. However, their dishes are of equal value. Their menu features popular dishes such as chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura, and dozens of sushi rolls. Each entree is served with miso soup, ginger salad, and steamed rice.

Arigato serves two different types of sushi: Maki rolls and Temaki (handrolls). Maki rolls are the typical sushi rolls that we all know and love. Temaki rolls are one piece cone shaped hand rolls. Arigato is truly a great option for families and college students all around. “It’s one of the best sushi restaurants in Auburn,” said Auburn student, Dylan Layton. “They even have an all you can eat deal and great drink specials.”

2. Takoyaki Sushi Bar, Hibachi, and Asian Fusion

Auburn Takoyaki take out

Located at 2035 Interstate Drive in Opelika, Takoyaki is an Asian-Fusion restaurant with trained chefs with years of experience. It is located on the edge of Tiger Town and is perfect for people who are looking to avoid college student crowds. This hidden gem has a large menu full of sushi combo boxes, bento boxes, and a broad selection of hibachi lunch and dinner.

Takoyaki prides themselves on providing fresh, affordable food for all. They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes as well as a full bar. Some of their specials include Satay, Ayam Mentega, and Green Tea Tiramisu. If you are looking for a more basic Japanese dish, look no further! They also have a full selection of hibachi dishes. To learn more about Takoyaki’s humble beginnings, click here.

1. Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

And last but definitely not least, we have Kabuki, my favorite Japanese restaurant in the Auburn-Opelika area. Located in the heart of Tiger Town near Kroger, Kabuki is the perfect getaway for college students that would like a little distance from the craziness that is downtown Auburn. The restaurant exudes a carefree, fun atmosphere and has a room of Teppanyaki tables for a true Hibachi experience. Or if you prefer a quick, dine in experience, Kabuki provides this as well.

As for their menu, Kabuki has a selection of sushi rolls, tempura, and hibachi lunch and dinner specials. It is the perfect place to bring families or large gatherings of people because of the abundance of tables and the wide array of entrees. On top of that, the staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend giving Kabuki a try the next time you are in Opelika or try ordering it on FetchMe!

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