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Veggies to Go: Hot Food to Warm Auburn’s Soul

Homestyle Away from Home

Opening a restaurant was a long-time dream of Veggies to Go owners Omar and Toña Salazar. Dreamed up in 1997, Veggies to Go opened the doors of its East Glenn location ten years later in 2007. Since then, Omar, Toña, and their son have served the Auburn-Opelika community hearty local food, and efficient, customer-oriented service. The local chain boasts a plentiful menu of build-your-own-platter southern cuisine and delicious, rich desserts that you can order in, or go through FetchMe to deliver right to your home. Omar tells us the family chose this type of cuisine because “it’s too good not to make, and the people like it.”

Veggies To Go Storefront
Veggies To Go Storefront on South College St in Auburn, AL

And like it we do: With locations on East Glenn Ave, South College St, and Frederick Road, their warm service and hot food pulls in locals of all sorts. Many of Auburn University’s sportsmen and -women used to frequent the restaurant in uniform together before the COVID outbreak. Regulars who come in are treated like family, with their favorite orders often memorized by the staff. “We constantly get people who come back, saying they used to come here when they were in college,” restaurant worker Madeline explains. “I’ve worked here for four years and I know tons of regulars, and [Omar and Toña] know people who have been coming here for so long, ever since we opened.”

Overcoming COVID challenges

The staff at Veggies To Go is always ready to serve with a smile! Even under a mask!

Operating a restaurant during the trials of the last year has been difficult. COVID safety requirements caused Veggies to Go to close its dining area to the public, which made business difficult. However, even during such a stressful time, Veggies to Go remained on the minds of the Auburn Opelika community. With the students back and eating inside safe again with the proper precautions taken, business has been great. “The community’s been really good to us,” explains Madeline to the FetchMe crew. “All our regulars came in to check on us.”

COVID safety has been very important to the Veggies to Go crew to keep their patrons as safe as possible. The seating arrangements are spaced out to allow for social distancing and they are cleaned regularly by the staff.

See for yourself!

FetchMe is always pleased to deliver you local food whenever you want it. Make sure to drop in–or order out–to try the Wednesday-only special, chicken and dressing, or their most popular combination, mashed potatoes, mac’n’cheese, and country fried steak. We hope you’ll come on in and enjoy Veggies to Go‘s amazing food!

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