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A How to in Starting Your Day: FetchMe’s Top Breakfast Locations

Breakfast on the Plains

There is nothing like starting your day sunny side up, unless you like your eggs scrambled. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why you should start it off with great options! Here in Auburn the most popular breakfast options include Chic-Fil-A, Waffle House, Big Blue Bagel, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and The Bean. All of which are fast options, and fast delivery when ordering with FetchMe Delivery. Let us help you decide what you want for breakfast. 

1. Chick-Fil-A Breakfast

With locations on Auburn’s campus and in Opelika, Chic-Fil-A comes in first as most popular breakfast choice. This company is known for their outstanding customer service and speedy preparation. Their breakfast offers meals features biscuits, bagels, egg scramble bowls, and burritos with sides of hash browns, fruit parfaits, and fruit cups. You can either order a single breakfast entrée or make it a meal with a side and drink. Good for a well-balanced breakfast, and a boost of energy with their coffee which can be served hot or iced with either original or vanilla flavoring. Breakfast hours run until 10:30, and if you can’t get there before then FetchMe Delivery surely can! And remember, you order is their pleasure, so make their day by starting yours! 

2. Waffle House

If you don’t want to restrict breakfast to the morning, Waffle House is a great option! Serving breakfast items from 9 A.M. to 11 P.M., it’s a great spot to feel at home. A full-time student, Sarah Gray Barr, has nothing but good reviews for Waffle House. 

She also believes Waffle House is a wonderful choice because no matter what time of day it is, it’s always time for breakfast. You can order Waffle House for delivery, to-go, or dine-in! With four locations in Auburn, it’s no wonder it gained such popularity. Their menu features a variety of foods including waffles, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, toast, hash browns, grits, and oatmeal. While having all bases covered, the All-Star special is a fan favorite because it has every option in one meal. No need to make up your mind! Except for what to drink; coffee, tea, orange juice, regular or chocolate milk. With FetchMe delivery you can have Waffle House in your own home! 

“I love Waffle House. It’s not because the food is amazing or anything. I mean, the food is delicious, and I could eat it anytime, but that’s not the reason I go. Growing up became a family tradition to eat at Waffle House after big milestones. Taking exams, holidays, and birthdays, you know? So, when I’m nine hours away at school and start to feel homesick, I know that I can go to Waffle House and feel that same love of my family hundreds of miles away. It’s not just a Waffle House, for me, it’s a second home.”

Sarah Gray Barr

3. Big Blue Bagel 

Bringing back the home theme, Big Blue Bagel is home to Auburn, AL as it is a one of a kind! Up until 11 A.M. you can order breakfast for dine-in, to-go, or delivery. Big Blue Bagel’s menu in Auburn features a multitude of bagels, cream cheeses, fruits, eggs, meats and cheeses served to order. Whether you are wanting a plain bagel, or a bagel breakfast sandwich Big Blue Bagel has it covered. With fourteen different kinds of bagels and five cream cheeses the combinations are endless! Don’t let their name fool you, their menu features other items besides bagels. Breakfast omelets, burritos, fruits, and sandwiches also garnish their menu. True to their heritage, many breakfast combinations are named after all things Auburn so go check out which one you want for breakfast!

4. McDonald’s 

Another restaurant that believes breakfast shouldn’t be limited to the morning! With unbeatable coffee prices, new bakery specialties, and traditional breakfast items there’s something everyone will want! McDonald’s has recently added three more sweet options to their current breakfast menu including apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, and blueberry muffins. However, the $1, $2, and $3 menu offers you breakfast at prices that can’t be beat. Now with the option of FetchMe Delivery the options are endless with the golden arches

5. Starbucks 

With more priority of kick starting your day, Starbucks has a variety of specialty coffees, teas, and drinks made to order. Whether you want something hot, cold, or blended Starbucks has it. With locations on and off campus, FetchMe Delivery can bring your burst of energy to you! They also offer a selection of bagels, bakery items, eqq bites, bakes, yogurts and oatmeal to pair with your specialty drink. With breakfast sandwiches, wraps, bagels there is something for every eater, including plant-based options! While offering an all-inclusive menu and drinks packed with a punch it is obvious why they are so popular. You can also bring Starbucks home with their coffee grounds, espresso pods, and instant mixes brew your own cup. To get the ‘all at home’ feel place a delivery order with FetchMe Delivery

Honorable Mention: The Bean 

Another Auburn-based coffee house and popular breakfast choice is The Bean. Their menu features ‘Auburn’s BEST homemade cinnamon roll,’ which you can decide for yourself by ordering with FetchMe Delivery. However, if sweet is not your breakfast’s preference they also have other casseroles, muffins, toasts, waffles, and smoothies. Many students are seen studying in-house as the restaurant has a retro-homey feel, but it can just as easily be enjoyed anywhere else by anyone else! The Bean’s coffee is made in home and freshly ground to ensure a cup of joe unlike any other! Their most popular menu items include cinnamon rolls, toast, and lattes made to order. 

Auburn has every breakfast choice available, it’s just up to you to decide what you want, when you want it, and to order now with FetchMe Delivery! Be sure to check out our other Top List Articles, only on The FetchMe Blog!

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