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ChickChickPorkPork Grill: One-Of-A-Kind Traditional Korean Fusion


Lunch specials and dinner specials for Chickchickporkpork in Opelika Auburn, Asian fusion
Lunch and dinner specials along with new dishes are highlighted at the front of the restaurant

Like all great restaurants, Chickchickporkpork started with a dream. Gio Paulk always has had a love of cooking, and wanted to share her passion with the world. With the help of her husband, William, the two of them were able to make the dream a reality. Though the pair underwent many trials on their journey of owning a restaurant, they were finally able to make their dreams a reality. Four years ago, they were able to finally open the restaurant’s first location. After many more struggles with the initial location of the restaurant, William and Gio decided to move Chickchickporkpork to its current location where is has been since July of 2020.

Since then, business has boomed, and the restaurant has continued to grow. Though the beginnings were humble, the pair were able to quickly build a strong customer base which helped to solidify Chickchickporkpork in both the minds and the stomachs of the people of Auburn. William and Gio strive to further grow the restaurant, and expand into a new location in the future.

About the Restaurant

Chickchickporkpork is a locally owned and operated business in the Auburn/Opelika area. They serve a unique Asian fusion cuisine that caters to everyone’s taste buds. Their mission is simple: “Provide Traditional Korean Food at a reasonable price. Our mission is not only that, but we also want customers to have a good, respectful, friendly and proper service while they are dining with us”. They achieve this in a variety of ways.

Inside of Chickchickporkpork in Opelika, Alabama. Safe, clean, family friendly restaurant.
Chickchickporkpork offers a clean and friendly eating environment for all

The restaurant strives to never lose its identity. Because of this, they refuse to copy trends. Instead, they try to be innovators. In order to achieve this, they change up the menu every 2-3 months. Gio spends days perfecting each recipe. She will test out new flavors on both staff and customers; always wanting new input. Another thing that is important to Chickchickporkpork is that their food is always served fresh. Everything served is made from scratch in the kitchen.

The restaurant spreads through mostly word of mouth. They use Facebook to keep the community updated about the restaurant. Chickchickporkpork has an ever-growing customer base. They have regulars for every day that they are open; each day is a new crowd. Even throughout COVID-19, the customer base is still steadily growing.

Throughout COVID-19, the restaurant has made a conscious effort to follow proper protocols. Each table is socially distanced, and are sanitized after every meal. Customers and employees are required to wear masks while in the restaurant, and employees regularly wash their hands. The kitchen is also regularly cleaned and cooking areas are always sanitary. Offering a safe and clean eating environment is very important to everyone involved.

Menu Highlights and Desserts

Chickchickporkpork offers a large and diverse menu for a reasonable price. Menu highlights include their: beef bulgogi, takoyaki, and chilly chilly mayo. They also offer vegetarian options such as their “I’m vegetarian” bowl. Though the restaurant does not offer dessert, Cheetos is right next door to Chickchickporkpork. Cheetos is a Korean fusion dessert café that is also owned by William and Gio. With Chickchickporkpork and Cheetos right next door to each other, you should always be able to find something to satisfy your hunger.

How to Order

Bowl of food from Chickchickporkpork. Asian fusion cuisine. Chicken and vegetables.
Dishes like this can be found at Chickchickporkpork

Chickchickporkpork grill is located at 3810 Pepperell Pkwy #1, Opelika, AL. The restaurant is open for both dine-in and delivery from 11am-10pm Monday through Saturday. The restaurant offers various deals through the FetchMe.

As an exclusive partner of FetchMe, you can order anything on their menu and have it delivered right to your door. All you have to do is go to Chickchickporkpork Grill’s page on the FetchMe app or website. Be sure to check for weekly deals through the FetchMe app for Chickchickporkpork Grill and more.

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