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El Patron – New Location, Same Inventive Cuisine

Owner Cesar Campos in front of El Patron in Opelika, AL

Since as long as Cesar Campos can remember he wanted to showcase Mexican cuisine and be one of the bests at it. You can read a short synopsis, on the front of the menu, of his journey to achieve his dreams. “From a small town of South Jalisco, Mexico, a boy with lots of dreams migrated to the USA at only 14 years old, to start a life far away from his roots. He arrived in Auburn, Ala. and started his journey as a cook. His dreams were of being one of the best chefs in Mexican cuisine.” Campos was able to open his first restaurant, El Rodeo, in 1998 at the age of 21 years old. This location in Robertsdale, AL, gave him a deeper love for Mexican cuisine and serving the community. This led him to open his other restaurant locations.

His current locations include: Opelika, AL, Prattville, AL, Robertsdale, AL, and Pensacola, FL. All of his restaurants recreate his own family recipes to make his dishes outshine the competitors. On their Facebook Page, it states, “Our chefs bring years of experience to our kitchen and combine traditional Mexican cooking methods with only the freshest ingredients to create inspired meals just for you, our wonderful guests.” With over 20 years of experience, Cesar Campos’ future plans are to open a new restaurant in Montgomery, AL. He hopes to increase visitation and tourism to the city.

Importance of Family

Campos believes whole-heartedly in the importance of family. “All my brothers run one of the restaurants.” He expressed how crucial his brothers have been recently, specifically during the COVID-19 shutdown. He was adamant in keeping El Patron open for deliveries and togo orders during the whole ordeal. “It was really bad when it first started. It was only me and my brother. Me in the kitchen and my brother taking togos.” However, a year after the nationwide shutdown, he feels that El Patron has learned and grown since the beginning of the pandemic. They now take extra precautions and practice social-distancing to ensure the safety of customers and give the public peace of mind.

Success in Customer Orientation

El Patron’s New Setup allows for maximum tables, walking space, and efficiency to provide a fantastic dine-in experience

Campos wants to make sure that El Patron is as successful as possible. This includes having a hard-working, passionate staff. He emphasizes that he would not be near as successful without the help and dedication from his staff. He is also diligent in employing more than enough staff make sure no single employee is overwhelmed or overworked. With that being said, Campos strives to be as customer-oriented as possible. He even recently switched El Patron’s location about a month ago. He says, “We had so many complaints about the parking… Whenever I saw the sign that this place was for sale, I put an offer up the same day!” Community support for small businesses is essential. Therefore, Campos does everything in his power to appeal and cater to the public.

Try El Patron today!

El Patron features specials such as La Cazuela, El Canta Rota, and Michelados. Campos says his favorite dish to make is Molacajete, a rock bowl dish that consists of steak, chicken, shrimp, veggies, and is served with tortillas. When asked if he had anything to say to the public, he responded with “Come try us! You won’t be disappointed.” FetchMe is excited to offer you delivery of El Patron’s inventive Mexican cuisine right to your door! FetchMe is dedicated to highlighting local restaurants in the area while providing excellent and efficient delivery of your favorite dishes. You can view their entire menu filled with delicious Mexican dishes at FetchMe Delivery.

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