FetchMe’s Top Five Mexican Restaurants

Not much needs to be said about the extreme popularity of Mexican restaurants around the U.S. Practically everywhere you look, there is a Mexican restaurant. Whether you are looking for a restaurant in downtown Auburn or closer to Opelika, you are guaranteed to find at least one Mexican restaurant. However, finding the best restaurants in your area can be difficult, purely based on the abundance of options. Today, I will be naming the Top Five Mexican Restaurants in the Auburn-Opelika area on the FetchMe platform.

5. Barberitos

As one of the newer additions to the Auburn-Opelika area, Barberitos has quickly made their mark. They are a quick and affordable option located near the Auburn Mall. This restaurant chain’s layout is similar to the likes of Subway or Chipotle, where you choose your meat and toppings at a counter. You begin by choosing a burrito, burrito bowl, taco, quesadilla, nachos, or a salad. Then, you choose a meat, some of the options include chicken, beef, and tofu. And finally, you can add toppings to your creation.

Barberitos is the perfect option for families on-the-go and college students in search of a quick, tasty meal at an affordable price. If you are looking for an even faster option, Barberitos allows you to order online for pickup. So, if you haven’t been before, I highly recommend giving it a shot. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

4. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a popular lunch and dinner option for Auburn students, including myself. I have spent many hours studying and enjoying a chicken quesadilla at Moe’s. Similar to Barberitos, Moe’s also has a counter where you can choose meats and toppings. Some of their most popular menu items include quesadillas, tacos, and nachos.

When going to Moe’s, I highly recommend getting a side of their queso. In my opinion, it is some of the best in Auburn. As a native Texan, I am always in search of the closest thing to Tex-Mex. Moe’s Southwest Grill definitely gets my stamp of approval. In addition to their popular location on Toomer’s Corner, they also have a location in Tiger Town.

3. Taqueria Durango

Tucked in an inconspicuous strip center on Dean Road, Taqueria Durango is some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine in Auburn. This hidden gem serves classic dishes like Enchiladas Verdes, Flautas and, my personal favorite, tacos. Taqueria Durango’s tacos are served like street tacos, and they are addicting. I personally believe that it is impossible to just have one.

Like Moe’s, Taqueria Durango also serves a queso that is more than deserving of five stars. They also have a brunch menu, which is unique for a Mexican restaurant in this area. Not only is the food fantastic, but the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Every time I go to Taqueria Durango, I am greeted with many friendly faces. This and the authentic, affordable cuisine is why you must try Taqueria Durango.

2. Agave Loco

Located on Opelika Rd., Agave Loco is the perfect Mexican restaurant. They have an extensive menu filled with classic dishes and new creations. They also have drink specials on margaritas and draft beer, and their happy hour is from 4-7pm every week day. Agave Loco is very popular with college crowd and families alike. The bright, colorful atmosphere helps make it the perfect place to spend a Friday night.

One of my favorite dishes to get is the “Texas Rice.” Its a plate of rice with beef, chicken, shrimp, and assorted onions and peppers. It is flavorful, filling and affordable, making it one of my favorite dishes and something that everyone should try. If you’re looking for a classic dish, look no further. Agave Loco serves all of your favorite traditional meals, as well as new creations. So, the next time you are looking for a place to eat, especially on a Friday night, try out Agave Loco.

1. El Patron

And last, but certainly not least, El Patron, my go-to restaurant in the Auburn-Opelika area. They recently moved in to a much larger location on the corner of Frederick and Highway 280 and it is extremely popular, especially on a Friday night. The interior is perfectly decorated and features a full bar. It truly is the best place to have a fun dinner with friends and family.

El Patron has a lengthy menu with your favorite dishes like chimichangas, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas. Whenever I go to El Patron, which is often, I get the fajita chicken quesadilla. It is filled with chicken, cheese, onions and peppers. I guarantee that it is the best quesadilla you will have in the Auburn-Opelika area. I also recommend trying their fajitas, which remind me of the Tex-Mex that I get back home.

So, next time you are craving Mexican food, I highly recommend trying one of these restaurants. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic meal. Order any of these off the FetchMe Website, and don’t forget to check the FetchMe Blog every week for more entries like these!

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