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It’s Delivery! Italian Restaurants in Auburn

It’s not Digiorno’s… It’s FetchMe Delivery!

Auburn’s staple may be the lemonade and game day spirit. The Italian restaurants in Auburn do not disappoint. These restaurants will make you choose delivery! The top five recommended Italian restaurants include, Venditori’s, Brick Oven, Fratellis, Little Italy’s, and Ariccia. What makes each of these authentic restaurants better is the delivery option with FetchMe Delivery. Spaghetti night has never been easier! Use this article to help decide what you should eat tonight!


Auburn, AL

Venditori’s menu on Sunday they have lunch specials that includes their famous salad and rolls. Monday’s offer includes half price bottles of wine. Tuesday’s mean half price appetizers at Venditori’s and half price beers. Every day of the week the menu never changes with pastas, pizzas, seafood and gluten free options. The owners of Venditori’s have never changed either. Notably, they have been serving high quality Italian cuisine since 1933. Consequently, nothing has tasted more so like Nona’s cooking. FetchMe Delivery is also available during both lunch and dinner, so don’t let that change your mind!

Brick Oven Pizza

Opelika, AL

Brick Oven of Opelika is as the best Artisan pizza in Alabama for their fire roasted pizza and calzones. One of my personal appetizers is the BBQ chicken pizza and their jumbo pretzel. These fan favorites have three different flavors of salted, garlic parmesan, or cinnamon sugar. Brick Oven’s specialty pizzas come on either regular dough or flatbread. However, don’t overlook their pastas with breadsticks and salad! They even offer wings for their customers that don’t want pizza or pasta. Although this restaurant is not solely traditional Italian, it will still fill that craving.


Auburn, AL

Fratelli’s Ristorante Italiano also offers daily specials on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday’s offer includes all you can eat pizza with kids meals for free. Pizza specials include margherita, pepperoni, ortolana, diavola, carnivora and Claudio. Their kid’s menu includes calzones, pastas, and pizzas. Pasta bowls are $5.95 on Tuesdays. Some of their more popular pastas include penne capers, fettucine alfredo, and Grandma’s spaghetti. Thursday’s their desserts are half off! Don’t miss out on their tiramisu, cannoli’s, and sfogliatelle. As well as daily lunch specials from 11am until 2pm. FetchMe Delivery just made your four-course meal that much easier!

Little Italy’s

Downtown Auburn, AL

Little Italy’s location makes it easy for customers. Their menu specialties include pizza sold by the slice, stromboli, subs, calzones, and salads. On your first order, they even offer a 10% discount! Meanwhile, students also love this Italian restaurant because of its lower prices and additionally their later hours. The pizzeria is also open late at night. With FetchMe delivery it’s easier than Digiornio’s, so go ahead and place an order right now!


Downtown Auburn, AL

Ariccia in Auburn. This restaurant is home to their wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and fresh steaks and fish. In other words, five star dining never tasted so good from home! Housed in the Hotel at Auburn, Ariccia’s cocina Italiana is something you can’t pass up. With FetchMe Delivery you don’t have to worry about making reservations either. Some of their more popular dishes include the carbonara pasta and the porchetta. In addition to this, their menu also has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

It’s Delivery! Italian Restaurants in Auburn

At your Doorstep

To sum up, with FetchMe Delivery, it’s easier than Digiornio! Order now to have your Italian cuisine delivered to your doorstep. Take your pick from to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! Whether you want authentic Italian cuisine, or wings and pizza, the options are unlimited! If you visit any of these restaurants feel free to leave a comment or review on this article to help others decide their dinner menu.

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