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Driver Shortage Puts FetchMe in an Enviable Position

Employee-focused Business Model Creates Unique Shared Value for All.

Last week’s job creation and unemployment numbers once again illustrated the difficulties restaurants and other hospitality service businesses continue to face regarding hiring. The numbers tell the tale – competition is fierce for qualified workers. Yet, amidst it all, it is important to note that those companies that recognize today’s employee- vs. employer-driven paradigm shift are the ones winning the best of these critical new hires.

This is good news for FetchMe, our restaurant partners and our shared customers. Our team of drivers are direct employees of FetchMe, not a loose collection of independent contractors the national conglomerates use. Despite the appeal of the gig economy, the generous terms, conditions, and unrivaled benefits our employee drivers enjoy are key differentiators between FetchMe and our competitors when it comes to attracting the best talent.

This is not a new phenomenon, nor is it accidental. That’s how we’ve always operated. It is a core principle of who we are. From our founding more than four years ago, we’ve placed a premium on treating our employees – drivers included – as valued partners in our success.

What does that mean for our restaurant partners and customers?

For one thing, it means you can be assured that FetchMe deliverers – “Fetchers” as they are proudly known – represent the very best in the industry. We train them better, we treat them better, and they respond by delivering the highest level of customer service available. That means fewer costly mistakes, which benefits our restaurant partners, our shared customers and our Fetchers as well.

But equally important, they take pride in representing not only FetchMe, but also our valued restaurant partners. Their extraordinarily high level of service acts as a valuable extension of our restaurant partners’ individual brands, creating a positive impact on their own customer relationships. This enhanced brand equity creates closer, more lasting customer relationships that increase delivery and take-out order engagement while also helping drive more frequent on-premises dining.

What does that mean for those considering becoming a meal delivery driver?

It means that if you join FetchMe, you will be joining a team of likeminded, team-oriented individuals uniquely valued and supported by company management. It means you’ll be paid 50% of the delivery fee at first, receive a gas fee and keep 100% of your tips. After three months of employment at FetchMe, your take of the delivery fee rises to 75%. And if you’re a full-time Fetcher, you’ll be able to take advantage of a competitive portfolio of health benefits and retention incentive programs. Plus, as an employee, we pay your social security and FICA, further increasing your take-home, after-tax pay.

Bottom line, it means you’ll earn more and live better than you would as a driver for any other company over your driving career.

The choice is a simple one — choose FetchMe here today.

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