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The Breezeway: A Long-Standing Opelika Favorite

The Breezeway, a casual American eatery

Opelika is a city that’s proud of its past. There are several historic districts and lots of beautiful older homes. A number of buildings in the downtown area had been reclaimed. There’s a vibrant restaurant and entertainment district in the area, and The Breezeway has been a part of this for decades.

As restaurants go, The Breezeway is the granddaddy downtown. It’s been there over 30 years. There was a theatre behind their building and its elaborate entryway was to its right. The Arcade Café was located in it. When it was all razed in the 1960’s, the resulting open area became a sort of breezeway. It seemed only natural that a restaurant be located next door. The name was perfect.

The most interesting option is an Asian chicken salad. It has chopped lettuce and cabbage mixed with carrots and green onions. That blend is topped with crunchy chow mein noodles and fried or grilled chicken pieces. Ours came with sweet sesame dressing. We’d try this one again.

From the start The Breezeway specialized in chicken. Even today, popular chicken tenders are fried and grilled. They are served in baskets just like always. Like its location, the fare here has stood the test of time. Solid, traditional and good.

Owners John and Gena Henley have been there all along. She’s sometimes called Granny Gena. They know their customers well and treat them like family. Friendly folks serving up fine food and hospitality every day.

Appetizers and Salads

The veggie platter at The Breezeway.

The Breezeway has a selection of appetizers that hit the spot. More like snacks that can feed you or be shared by a group. Also get you ready for bigger things to come. Tasty offerings like mozzarella sticks and onion rings. How about fried zucchini, okra, corn nuggets and green beans? Get some fries too. Then there are those fine fried pickles- not everybody has them.

You won’t be disappointed with the salad choices. There’s a house salad and a generous side salad. The chef’s salad is a house salad with meats. Chicken salad is a house salad with chicken pieces on top.

Asian Chicken Salad

Plenty of Sandwiches using Boar’s Head selections

Reuben Sandwich and Fries plus a Side Salad

There’s a large list of sandwiches. One with chicken as expected. You can get one made with ham and another with turkey. The Sasalito is a turkey variation. It’s been roasted in salsa and served with Cheddar. This one is quite tasty.

The Breezeway serves a version of a club sandwich. Theirs has ham and turkey along with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It’s not a triple-decker, however. A generous BLT is offered and also a Reuben.

If you want a burger, they’ve got one done the way you want it. Plus you can get a catfish sandwich. BTW – all sandwiches are served with fries or another side if you choose.  

Boxes, Baskets, Dinners, Platters

If you want just meat, boxes of up to 100 pieces of chicken tenders or wings are available. Also, several baskets including shrimp can be ordered. They include fries, slaw, and Texas toast.  

If you are really hungry, full dinners and platters are made for you. Many of these come served with fries and slaw plus appropriate bread. Leading off is the Breezeway Basket with 5 chicken fingers. You can get Buffalo fingers too. If you want some cheese, go for the chicken and cheese basket. The 747 has fingers and wings served with fries and toast.

Hold on – There’s the hard-to-find hamburger steak served with onion rings, fries, and slaw. Just as unusual is their gizzard dinner that comes with fries and slaw.

Shrimp and Catfish

Small Shrimp Basket plus Fried Pickles

Look in the seafood section and you’ll find a real shrimp basket. The batter is thin and crispy. Ours were hot and tender. We got slaw and fries plus a pair of hush puppies. Be sure to ask for Granny Gena’s dipping sauce, it’s good on everything. Another option is the catfish basket. It’s a generous catfish filet with slaw and fries plus a corn muffin.

Kid’s Menu

Got some kids in your group? The Breezeway has you covered with a kid’s menu including chicken or popcorn shrimp baskets. They can also have a small burger or corn dog. Plus my favorite – grilled cheese. I got one and added sides of slaw and fried okra. Just right.

Speaking of sides, there are lots of options. Fries – crinkle cut that are crisp on the outside and pillow-soft on the inside. Slaw, fine cut cabbage but not mushy – nicely seasoned mayo with a touch of onion. Okra – lightly fried and tasty. Homemade chips too. Plus toast and jalapeno corn muffins. Combine these with some of the appetizer options for lots of choices.

If you are not as hungry, there are snack versions of most everything. You can make a meal with the veggie platter or cheese basket offered on the app menu too.

Fried Pickle Appetizer

Dine In – Take Out Delivery

Want to dine in? Plenty of tables are available for your convenience. All menu items are available for takeout. Ours were well-packed and still warm 10 minutes later. Delivery is also an option. Contact FetchMe directly or through The Breezeway website.

Located at 213 South 8th Street in downtown Opelika, The Breezeway is open every day. Weekday hours are from 10:30 – 9:00. They close at 8:00 on Saturday and after lunch, at 2:00, on Sundays. The phone is 334 749-5167. Calling in for a pickup order worked for us. There’s on-street parking out front. You’ll find a large municipal parking lot in the back. Simply walk through the breezeway to The Breezeway.

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