5 Reasons to Utilize and Enjoy Using an Alcohol Delivery Service

As one of the first companies in Alabama to provide one hour delivery of wine, beer, and spirits, FetchMe is pioneering a new way for users to enjoy the alcohol delivery service, FetchMe Alcohol

Fig liqueur and double wood rye from John Emerald Distillery.

1. Enjoy Our Collection

Our new FetchMe Alcohol delivery platform has allowed our business to connect to a new market and merchants in the Auburn and Opelika area. FetchMe Alcohol has multiple businesses on our new site that offer a wide variety of wine, beer, spirits, mixers, and snacks. With John Emeralds Distillery, Z&Z Tobacco & Spirits, and Weagle’s One-Stop as partners, FetchMe Alcohol provides a unique offering to the Auburn Market. FetchMe Alcohol is adding new products each and every day. With over 900 alcohol products added to our site, FetchMe Alcohol knows that we can fulfill any needs that our customers may have. Oh my! 

2. Enjoy The Safety

This is a relatively new service to the state and the area. We are here to answer any safety questions you might have. You can always count on FetchMe to safely deliver your order to you. With our alcohol delivery service, all our drivers go through an ABC Board certification and a background check to deliver alcohol. The required training is all administered and taken with the Director of Fetcher Operations. Our drivers must also be 21+ to deliver alcohol in the state.

What about ID scanning? We scan and check the ID of the person whose name is on the order as well as if there is an alternate person listed on the order. It is also prohibited to deliver to on-campus student housing and to those that are under the age of 21. Our system is 99.9% accurate and is the same system that law enforcement use. FetchMe Alcohol takes safety very seriously for your sake and our driver’s sake. With that being said, we promote drinking responsibly. 

3. Enjoy The Convenience

FetchMe Alcohol is all about convenience. Our trained delivery team – Fetchers – can deliver you wine, beer, spirits, snacks, and mixers in no time. The best part is that it comes right to your doorstep. It is no longer necessary for you to take the extra time and stop by your local liquor store. With just a few clicks you can have alcohol delivered right to you. This service is great for party planning or if you happen to run out of beer at your tailgate, FetchMe Alcohol is your new friend. Our friendly and reliable Customer service is available to you to make alcohol delivery seamless!

4. Enjoy Local

The FetchMe brand is centered around local restaurants and businesses and so is FetchMe Alcohol. We chose to support local owners and partners with our service, when you support FetchMe Alcohol you are supporting a local business owner in your community. As mentioned above, our current alcohol partners include Z&Z Tobacco and Spirits, John Emeralds Distillery, and Weagle One-Stop. With locally made and operated businesses we working to add and empower more merchants to join the platform! We are continuously accepting and adding merchants that are interested in this service!

5. Enjoy with ease

This is our second update to the Alcohol site and we hope to create a better user experience for those that use our services. As we grow our business we hope to continuously support our customers in the best way possible. With our updated website we want to make your experience with FetchMe Alcohol is a seamless process and easy to use. Now, our users will be able to look at separate product pages for wine, beer, spirits, snacks, and mixers. Our new search bar will be optimized for your needs. Customers can now filter or search for specific products and product categories. With the addition of snacks, you can now have alcohol and food delivered at the same time! We are so excited about this new launch and for our customers to enjoy it!

Ordering from FetchMe alcohol

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