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All I Do Is BBQ: Auburn/Opelika’s Newest BBQ Joint

All I Do is BBQ

Auburn-Opelika sits in the Barbecue Belt. That broad stroke through the deep South from as far north as Kentucky and stretching from the Carolinas to Texas and Missouri.

There are a number of well-known styles of BBQ plus all sorts of regional and local variations. Common characteristics bind things together. The differences will fill a book. The best thing is – it’s all good.

There’s a new place in town. It’s called All I Do is BBQ. What a great name. A mighty good job to have too. Could be the coolest business card ever. If you are looking for some ‘cue, wouldn’t you stop and see a guy who says all he does is cook some every day? That’s what we did.

Grilled Chicken Plate with Sharon’s Beans and Cornbread

New BBQ in AuburnThe Chef/Owner/Entrepreneur is Kenzie Rogers in Auburn, AL. His new place is All I Do is BBQ. It’s located at 1625 University Drive in Auburn. That’s across from Duck Samford stadium and near McAlister’s. This is a full-blown family operation. Kenzie is the number one guy but lots of his family is there with him. His mother-in-law, Sharon Dowdell, is the kitchen kingpin. His wife, Kim, and sons, Migell and Dewrell are there too. Kenzie’s sister, Tiffany, plays a big part in making sure that BBQ and the rest of the menu is ready for you.

Chopped Pork, Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs

Chopped Pork Sandwich and Fries

The menu at All I Do is BBQ is really simple. Yet there are lots of choices when you build a plate. There’s chopped pork, pork ribs and beef ribs. They’ve also got grilled chicken and fried fish.

Fried Fish and Coleslaw

The ribs pork ribs are tender but still have a little bite. But wait. The beef ribs are a real hit. Yes, tender with meat on the bone. There’s real beef flavor. All the racks have a pleasant rub and are served that way. Add sauce if you wish. 

Speaking of sauce, Kenzie is the man. He’s the creator of Heat and Hello Hunny. These are fine flavorful sauces. Not too hot and just a touch sweet. Excellent when you need a little extra.

Mac & Cheese – Collard Greens – Cole Slaw – Corn on the Cob

Talk about some sides, there are some good ones. Here you go – Collard Greens, Sharon’s Beans, Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw, Corn Bread and Seasoned Fries. Sharon makes most of them from scratch every morning using her own recipes developed for All I Do is BBQ.

Pork Ribs and Collard Greens

The Mac & Cheese is the real thing. Baked for true goodness. The collards simmer for hours just like the beans. Those beans aren’t too sweet. Collards have a deep flavor.

Sharon’s coleslaw is really interesting and killer good. The fries are perfect with BBQ. 


When Sharon isn’t busy with all those side dishes, she’s turning out homemade desserts. Tasty treasures like Red Velvet Cake and Caramel Cake. Just like at your grandmother’s house. Then there’s her Key Lime Cake. An excellent creation. Plus Sweet Potato Pie. Can I get a dessert plate please?

Take Out and Delivery

If you want dishes to take home, All I Do is BBQ has you covered. Slabs of beef and pork ribs are ready to go. Pork and chicken can make the trip. All the sides are available in larger sizes. Dessert too. Let them in advance and Sharon will bake a whole offering just for you. Sauces are available by the bottle.

Can’t make it in or have a sudden hankering? FetchMe is your answer. Except for fried foods, all dishes are available for delivery. Order online at All I Do is BBQ today to get your Southern comfort fix. If you need to feed a bunch of folks, Kenzie can do it. Get with him for your special needs.

All I Do is BBQ is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:30 until 7:00 with counter service. There is seating for dine-in guests. No table service is provided. 1625 University Drive in Auburn is the location. Former home of D Square Donuts. Visit them online or on Facebook. You can call in orders at 334 209-0900. There’s plenty of parking right in front.   


  1. GREAT! The BBQ and sides were very good. I had collards and cole slaw for sides. Will get the word out!

    1. Thank you for your comments. Glad you had a great experience and for spreading the word. Please go see Kenzie again soon. If you can’t get there. FetchMe will deliver in a flash.

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