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El Rodeo – Mexican Bar & Grill in Opelika

There’s a Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant in Opelika serving sound food. El Rodeo. It’s located on Geneva Street just outside of downtown Opelika, where Tyler’s was some years back. Near I-85, this spot is easy for FetchMe drivers to get to you.

Opening Basket of Chips

About the Owner

Roberto Lopez came here almost 15 years ago at age 19. Wife and young daughter in tow. No English spoken. His brother was here, so he chose Auburn-Opelika. Roberto told me about his favorite dish. It’s chicken and mushrooms with a cream sauce and served with beans and rice. It’s on the menu at El Rodeo.

When I asked about his native cuisine, Roberto said, “Peppers, peppers, peppers.” He doesn’t mean hot. In fact, nothing I had was hot. The dishes are deep. The red color comes from the dried and soaked peppers used for the sauce. Roberto’s favorites are on the menu. Carnitas Tabasco is one. That’s his home city.

Tasty Salsa


Special Guacamole

There are a number of appetizers offered on El Rodeo’s menu. We enjoyed the guacamole. Thick and chunky. There are cheese and bean dips plus one made using shrimp. It’s cheesy good. Plus there are several nacho offerings. Have these as a meal too.  

Wings are available here – Standard or boneless. Lots of different sauces for your selection. There’s also a meal version with fries.

Assorted Wings -Mild and Mango Habanero

Salads & Soups

Yes, El Rodeo serves taco salads. But there’s a special one featuring pineapple and avocado. If you want a special soup, you will find one made from chicken and another from beef – Caldo de Res. Roberto served me this one and I found it remarkable. The broth was so deeply flavored. The beef and veggies were just right. So very good.

If Menudo is your choice, you can find an authentic version here. Plus there’s an ingredient-rich molcajete. The name comes from the vessel. The one served with seafood is a full meal.

Speaking of seafood, shrimp dishes are important here. Spice your dinner by getting the “a la Diabla” version.  Try the shrimp soups and a special shrimp cocktail. There’s a shrimp quesadilla plus shrimp fajitas. Another “seafood” option is fried fish.

El Rodeo Tex-Mex Favorites – Enchiladas with Mole

Enchilada with Mole

El Rodeo offers dishes you expect at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Chimichangas and Burritos. Quesadillas. Tacos. Flautas. Tostadas. Tamales. Also enchiladas, especially those including mole. We enjoyed this rich sauce.

Roberto says fajitas are one of his most popular dishes. The ones I had at lunch filled the room with a make-you-hungry aroma. Sure tasted good. You can also order true Bistec a la Mexicana.  

One of my favorite dishes is Chiles Rellenos.

They aren’t directly on the menu as an item other than part of a lunch combination. Ask for them. They are done in the style of Roberto’s home and not battered and fried. Filled with cheese, too.  

Lunch Specials – Kid’s Menu – Desserts

Lunch Combination – Steak Quesadilla, Chile Relleno and Flauta

The lunch combinations at El Rodeo are good and generous. There are lots of options including combinations of dinner fare plus a couple of salads – a taco and steak or chicken. Fajitas are also on the lunch menu. Lunch specials are offered weekdays only.

Want eggs? The ones with chorizos lead the list. There’s a torta for all ages. And a kid’s menu with a few Tex-Mex tastes plus chicken with fries and even a hot dog. A few desserts are offered like fried ice cream.

Live Enterainment

El Rodeo has some bonuses. One is a full bar area separate from the dining room. The televisions throughout are silent. Number 2 is live entertainment on Friday nights. Roberto brings in regional performers. There’s a stage with good lighting and sound. Thursday nights feature karaoke.

Pick up and Delivery

Cheese Enchilada from FetchMe delivery

The full dining menu is available every day but Sunday. Lunch specials are served from 10:30 till 2:00 weekdays only. There are daily features too. See  Website for details. El Rodeo. Online ordering with pickup and delivery is provided by FetchMe.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant and Bar is located at 814 Geneva Street near downtown Opelika. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone is 334 737-5727.

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