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MK’s Asian Kitchen: Chinese Comfort Food

Many times a store-front restaurant isn’t more than a coffee shop or at best a setting for a few simple sandwiches. Double the chance when located by a supermarket. Keep multiplying when it’s in an older location and has a plain look. MK’s fits in every category.

MK’s Asian Kitchen

MK’s Asian Kitchen proves this wrong. This well-established spot has a loyal following that continues to grow. As Tiger Town has filled, more exposure comes its way. There’s a small very neat dining area that can fill quickly. Yet a majority of the customers are for take out or delivery. Thankfully, FetchMe can handle either one for you.

Ordering Online at MK’s Asian Kitchen

I went to FetchMeDelivery and there was MK’s full menu. It was so easy to review it and place an order. All online and quick. FetchMe already had my address and everything. Our meal was at home in no time at all. Just like we ordered. We couldn’t ask for more.

Szechuan Lamb Lunch

MK’s Lunch Specials


The number of offerings in this small place is amazing. There are 40 different lunch specials. Each is served with an egg roll and fried or steamed rice. There’s lots of variety with luncheon sizes from the main menu. These are served until 3:30 every day. A very appropriate touch.

The entire menu signifies dishes that are hot & spicy. Many of these are either popular Szechuan or Kung Pao preparations. A number of the house specialties are also presented in this style. Both have peanuts.

Soups and Appetizers

Hot and Sour Soup

MK’s Asian Kitchen has a full dinner menu that’s available for the entire day. The appetizers include the usual and the now-expected chicken wings. Soups are the regular options plus a sweet corn-chicken version. Nothing stood out in these 2 sections.

Chicken – Pork – Beef

As expected, main courses begin with chicken – lots of choices. They have Moo Shu chicken rather than pork. That’s the one with pancakes. There’s Moo Goo Gai Pan – chicken and mushroom stir fry. Several sweet dishes including Mongolian chicken. Don’t forget the familiar General Tso’s.  

The pork selections are limited. The Mongolian preparation is added and teriyaki pork. Kung Pao and Szechuan appear here and most other areas. Only 8 beef dishes are offered. The pepper steak is interesting as is the different orange beef.


MK’s Special Lamb

Here’s the unusual area – lamb. MK’s Asian Kitchen offers 8 different dishes featuring lamb. These are essentially repeats of the beef preparations. Our lunch portion of Szechuan Lamb was nice and spicy. Plus it tasted of lamb but not heavy. A pleasant surprise. You can also have lamb added to your lo mein.


Next is shrimp and the number of dishes increases. Sweet and sour, sesame and cashew are all available. The same hot and spicy ones. Also shrimp chow mein.

House Special Shrimp

Lo Mein – Mei Fun – Egg Foo Young

A few veggie dishes are served. Most with tofu. The various meats are offered as a part of fried rice. There’s a veggie version of it and also one made using curry. Lo mein – egg noodles – is offered with the same options. Mei fun – rice noodles – can be ordered these various ways too. Ditto for pan fried noodles. The omelet style dish – egg foo young – is also available.

Szechuan Lamb Lunch with Egg Roll and Fried Rice

House Specialties

The house specialties are where the chef adds some variety. The rest of the menu is quite traditional. Dragon and Phoenix – chicken and shrimp. The happy family offers 5 special additions – chicken and shrimp plus beef scallops and crab.

Several versions of the expected “delights” appear.  Some with chicken, beef and shrimp. The seafood delight also adds 3 tastes. The double delight gets you shrimp and General Tso’s chicken with veggies in an unusual white sauce  

Salt and pepper shrimp is very tasty. Ask for spicy. The ginger duck meat is less common. It comes with broccoli and carrots. The sauce has some heat from the ginger. Sizzling black pepper chicken or beef is a dine in dish. Not really a takeout or delivery item.

Takeout and Delivery

MK’s Asian Kitchen is pretty quick. Expect your food to be ready on time. Delivery service is through FetchMe. They are speedy as well. The drivers take pride in serving you.

Hot and sour soup at MK’s Asian Kitchen

One more thing – the people at MK’s Asian Kitchen are so nice. It’s like going to see your grandparents. The ones who are really good cooks. From greeting to goodbye, it’s a great take-out experience. FetchMe handles that order too.

MK’s is located at 2490 Enterprise Drive in Opelika. That’s in Tiger Town next to Kroger. They open every day at 11:00 and serve until 10:00 on Friday and Saturday. Earlier closing during the week. Telephone 334 749-6989.

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