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Tekila Mexican Bar and Grill: A Dose of Vibrancy in Auburn

Who would have thought such a treasure would be tucked away right off Magnolia Avenue in the center of downtown Auburn? Wow. Tekila Mexican Bar and Grill, it’s a family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant. As they say about themselves: “Our atmosphere can make any day a little brighter.”

Tekila Entrance

When you see Tekila, it seems like a modern store front with a table or two outside in a common space. Go inside and bam! Inside it is ablaze with vibrant colors. The furnishings look comfortable. Welcoming for a long sit rather than the typical quick service spot.

The menu is calm compared to the typical Mexican restaurant. Plenty of dishes but not so many that it’s hard to decide. Tekila says their menu consists of “festive options including traditional Mexican cuisine, Tex-Mex favorites and our own Mexican-American specialties.” We sure found this to be the case during our visits.  

The plates at Tekila are eye-catching. Nice thing is the aroma makes you salivate when your food comes to table. Combine that with great flavors and your meal is sure to please. Nice thing is orders for takeout and delivery get this same level of attention. The containers are easy to reheat and can be used as a workable plate at home or office.

Specials from the Bar

The bar is welcoming. Makes you want to try your favorite cocktail, especially the selection of margaritas. A recommendation from the bartender is a sure bet to interest you too.

Yes, there is outside seating at Tekila.

 When it comes to time to get some food, you won’t be disappointed. There are lots of choices. First, those often, so-so chips pass the test at Tekila. Crisp and full of corn flavor. The salsa is tasty too. A little back-end heat and interesting spicy taste.

Chips and Salsa

In choosing appetizers – always a fun thing to do for us – there’s plenty to pick from. 7 different nacho dishes. Several dips plus a special guacamole. Queso flameado is a good one. Adds chorizo to the game. Melted cheese, sausage, and tortillas. Don’t miss it. Senor Tekilas Sampler is perfect for table sharing.

Burritos – Quesadillas – Fajitas

Quesadilla and Beef Taco at Lunch

Burritos are plentiful. The “Aubie’s” comes with copious fillings. Quesadillas can be found in the specialties and others within favorites. These sections are worth a look.

Fajitas at Tekila are absolutely right. Those sizzling treasures are served on a bed of fresh tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers. Plus you get rice and beans. A true feast. The version with shrimp was our favorite. More shrimp dishes can be found in the seafood section. Another special dish is their version of molcajete. Simply plenty of everything.

Birria and Enchiladas

You’ll find more treats under the steak section of the menu. Of course, carne asada and steak Mexicano. Several tacos including popular birria with spicy dipping sauce. We like what’s called la quesa birria found under house specialties. The same luscious beef with more cheese! Tekila’s flautas are lurking in this section as well.

Beef Enchilada

Enchiladas verdes are located under house specialties along with the cheesy beef ones. The ones with chicken, spinach, and cheese are also served with the green sauce. The supremas offering comes with a selection – 1 each of chicken, beef, bean, and cheese enchilada.

Get it Your Way with Combination Plate

Like the sound of several things? Build your own combination plate of 2 or 3 dishes served with rice and beans. What a perfect to get exactly what you want.

Tostada – a nice light lunch option.

If you are seeking the familiar, give the favorites section a try. You’ll probably find a simple version right there. Might be a ladies’ choices. What we did one Saturday lunch was to order one each of 5 side orders and share them. The chile relleno was particularly good.

Lunch Specials

Speaking of lunch – there are several launch specials available every day. It’s a way of getting combination fun at the noon hour. There are plenty of main course salads for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

Lunch to Share

Kids I tow? Lots of options under kid’s menu. Chicken fingers, cheeseburger and mini nachos to name a few. If they need a dessert, let them share the churros. The flan is tasty goodness too.

Tekila offers delivery and takeout through FetchMe. It’s so easy to go directly to the FetchMe website and make the decision. Then place and complete your order. We placed ours on the way to the bank. When we got to Tekila, our order was ready to take home. It was packed well and easy to pop in the over to warm.

Tekila serves everyday from 11:00 until 9:00 and later on the weekend. The street address is 234 West Magnolia – Suite C in downtown Auburn. It does not face the street, however. Phone is 334 209-1523.

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