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El Taco Veloz: From a Taco Truck to Opelika’s Hotspot

The Humble Beginnings of El Taco Veloz

El Taco Veloz on Fitzpatrick Ave

There are some origin stories of how businesses came to be that stand out among the rest. El Taco Veloz, first started as a food truck driving from soccer field to soccer field selling tacos in the Auburn/Opelika area. When they saved up enough money, they were able to find their ground on Fitzpatrick Avenue in Opelika.

Mexican Salsa

Many things have changed, including the addition of covered dining tables and other amenities, but the passion in serving authentic Mexican Food remain the same. El Taco Veloz is a family-owned eatery dedicated to sharing their authentic fare made with love and the customer in mind. A touch more Tex-Mex than at the beginning but classics like tamales, sopes, and their famous street-style tacos will always be there.

El Taco Veloz has always been casual but now there’s a menu and website. Not just a list on the window. FetchMe has helped with that. Dishes are described very well and you can order pickup or delivery directly from the website.

The Menu

7 am till 9 pm Monday through Saturday

Sandwiches are significant at El Taco Veloz. Sometimes there will be a torta entry or two on the menu at a local Tex-Mex restaurant. There are 10 different choices here and they are proud of them. Treatments such as al pastor, asada, and carnitas are expected in a selection like this. Theirs are good ones.

Chorizo Torta and Fries plus Guacamole Dip and Chips with Mexican Salsa

A torta made with chorizo is a perfect addition, and add to this version using ham and grilled chicken – delicious. More specialized is lengua torta. These are made with rich beef tongue. A really tasty one is torta barbocoa. Basically a large Tex-Mex style barbecue sandwich. Quite good and theres plenty of it.

The torta Cubana is not a traditional Cuban version but one typical to a Mexican restaurant. It contains steak, ham, bacon, and chorizo. Also eggs, lettuce, tomato, and beans plus cheese. Lots of food on this sandwich. We had the chorizo version which came with lettuce, tomato, and tasty pickled jalapeños (wish I had asked for extra ones of those). There’s also a simpler offering – Torta de Huevo y Chorizo.

Guacamole Dip

It’s not obvious on the menu we saw, but the tortas come with a generous serving of fries plus chips and salsa. We shared one along with an order of guacamole dip. Their version is not extra chunky but it’s very flavorful nonetheless. The hit of citrus adds a delicious pop.

The salads at El Taco Veloz are very interesting, not just your typical fare. There are expected bean salads and taco salads. Expand that and you’ll find taco salads made with guacamole or steak or grilled chicken. Go further and there’s shrimp. You’ll also find a daisy salad – a taco shell filled with rice, lettuce, grilled chicken, and tomatoes. All topped with cheese dip. 

There are more dips than cheese. You’ll also find a version featuring guacamole, another with chorizo, and then there are the one with beans also. You can get one that combines ground beef and cheese. The special Don Beto’s queso features steak, tomatoes, and jalapeños – all come with crisp chips with a full corn flavor.

Want wings? They have those too, with either hot or honey sauce. We got both mixed together. If you have a large group, there are more generous sizes of salsa, cheese dip and guacamole to take care of everybody. A full meal can be made with a selection of these generous appetizers.

Classic Mexican dishes are available at El Taco Veloz. The menu makes them easy to locate – tamales and flautas are offered every day now. We had their salsa verde with our tamale. You can order either of these individually or 3 on a platter with rice and beans.

Burrito fan? There are 8 options, some with shrimp including a supreme version. If you are into a full meal burrito experience, give the Saurio burrito a try. Pick from the various meats offered and it’s served with with rice, beans, and cheese inside (plus extras like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños). Some feast.

Chimichangas are also on the menu. These fried burritos are made with either steak, chicken or shrimp and are served with rice and beans. Quesadilla fan? El Taco Veloz has you covered with over a dozen offerings. The same is true for enchiladas – lots of them. Our enchiladas came with cheese and red sauce on top, plus lettuce and tomatoes. They were incredibly tender and flavorful.

Beef Tacos with Cheese

There’s rarely a diner who doesn’t have fajitas or nachos within their list of Tex-Mex favorites. Make them special and people favor them even more. El Taco Veloz covers all the bases. You can order regular nachos, and there are chicken, steak, or shrimp to be added as well. But there’s another step – Texas fajita nachos. Select these and you get chicken, steak and shrimp with your nachos.

While we are talking about fajitas, let’s look at the main course option. The same steak, chicken or shrimp fajitas are served with rice and beans.

Birria Tacos at El Taco Veloz

Of course, tacos are front and center. From simple beef or chicken to lengua, shrimp or fish, tacos are a favorite here. You can enjoy traditionally with cilantro and onion or served with lettuce and cheese. On Fridays, they also prepare birria tacos with a cup of deep dipping sauce. Save some for sipping like we did.

Hankering for something special? The staff at El Taco Veloz can make dishes for you. Carne Asada, Gorditas, Huarache, Sopes and even a Mexican-style Paella can be created just for you. Give them time though. It’s best to call ahead and place your order for 30 minutes later.

If there are hungry kids at home, FetchMe can bring them their own lunch or dinner. Their favorite burrito, taco, enchilada or quesadilla is available to order within the restaurant’s kids menu. They offer chicken tenders and fries as well. Churros seem to be a popular choice also.

El Taco Veloz & Mexican Grill is located at 1107 Fitzpatrick Avenue in Opelika. You can call ahead at 334 759-7550. Place your delivery order through their website or FetchMe.  

Shared Lunch with Salsa

On our last FetchMe delivery order, El Taco Veloz was out of something. They called us at once and offered a substitute or another item. We looked over the menu and called back with our selection. Problem solved. Plus our FetchMe driver messaged and told us the restaurant was just finishing our order and she would be right to us. We got our lunch correct, hot and on time thanks to EL Taco Veloz and FetchMe doing it right. Order today for Authentic Mexican food near me. Servicing the Auburn, Opelika, and surrounding areas.

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