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Go Behind the Scenes with The FetchMe Blog! Learn the secrets and stories behind the success of our favorite locally-based restaurants in Auburn and Opelika Alabama.

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FetchMe is an Auburn, Alabama-based restaurant marketing, takeout ordering, and meal delivery company dedicated to supporting local area restaurants, their customers, and the community at large via a variety of win-win promotional and off-premises dining services.

Our four-year old company has become a valued partner to restaurants in helping grow their businesses while also providing a high quality, cost-effective take-out and delivery alternative to the predatory pricing terms imposed by large, third-party conglomerates.

FetchMe is dedicated to promoting local restaurants in community. We believe passionately in being involved with the local community and spreading the Auburn Spirit. Moreover, we are grateful for you being a reader of our blog; we thank you for joining the FetchMe Family!

El Taco Veloz: From a Taco Truck to Opelika’s Hotspot

The Humble Beginnings of El Taco Veloz There are some origin stories of how businesses came to be that stand out among the rest. El Taco Veloz, first started as a food truck driving from soccer field to soccer field selling tacos in the Auburn/Opelika area. When they saved up enough money, they were able…

Hard Seltzers are on Fire with Consumers

White claw is the drink of the summer. Made with a blend of seltzer water an alcohol base and a fruity flavor, it will leave you feeling refreshed and its available now for delivery. Seems like in every part of the food and beverage business, there’s always something new. Not too long ago White Claw…

El Ranchero Mexican Bar and Grill in Auburn

El Ranchero Mexican Bar and Grill is a relatively new Tex-Mex restaurant in the South College area. Located in the building where Ruby Tuesday was, the rebrand is quite successful. The facade welcomes you in and makes you want to stay. Upon entering you’ll notice the large bar that is well-stocked with popular Mexican liquor…

Top Tequila Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Get tequila delivered right to your door by FetchMe Alcohol so you can celebrate in style with our top margarita recipes for Cinco de Mayo. Our recipes are easy to make with a few additional interesting aspects suggested by a number of our friends. Many of our friends agree told us they love the forward…

Taste of Asia: Szechuan & Chinese Cuisine

Taste of Asia is a little different. It’s a total restaurant operation located within a full-size supermarket. The Asian Supermarket is a 40,000 Sq. ft. retail store open to the public every day. Taste of Asia is accessed from within the store itself. Other than kitchen and emergency exits, this is the only source entry.…


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